IT Consulting

4 services an IT Consultant can provide for your business

Sure. You’ve probably heard the term “IT Consultant” thrown out before… but what exactly is an IT Consultant? What can they do for your business and what type of value can they deliver?

Here are just a few of the services an IT Consultant can provide for your business.

IT Roadmap

Where is your business now and where do you want it to go?

These are the types of questions an IT Consultant can help your team answer. But they won’t stop there. They’ll take things a step further to create a custom roadmap that aligns your short-term needs with your long-term goals.

Within this plan, your IT Consultant should establish what technologies you need now to satisfy your current needs and what technologies you’ll eventually need to reach your long-term goals. Processes, leadership, and products should all be a part of this package.

Vendor Management

Oftentimes, an IT Consultant can help a company manage its vendors. This can expand to include areas such as ongoing service, support issues, and license renewals. Ultimately, the goal of vendor management is to narrow down the pool of vendors to one point of contact – which, in this case, is the IT Consultant.

Hypothetically speaking, an IT Consultant should have a deeper understanding of your vendors and their products than you or your team will have. And in the most ideal situation, an IT Consultant should also have a preexisting relationship with your vendors. Because of this, receiving honest, high-quality, and quick support from your vendors should never be an issue.

Project Management

An IT Consultant can help your company handle large, complicated IT projects – for example, if you’re thinking about growing your business with an additional brick-and-mortar location. In this situation, an IT Consultant should provide your team with a detailed outline of the who, what, and where, fully manage the project from start to finish, and then thoroughly examine the end result to ensure everything works as intended.

Typically, professional Project Management services should help your business avoid common hassles, minimize downtime, and reduce costs. As a result, the project should be implemented successfully, within budget, and on schedule.

Advice and Consulting

Obviously, an IT Consultant is good for consulting. They can provide your company with the necessary guidance and direction it needs to make healthy IT decisions. This could mean they help you track down a new product, or it might even mean they provide you with input on whether or not to transition to a new technology. Either way, an IT Consultant brings invaluable input to the table for two reasons:

  1. They understand modern technology, and they know how it works.
  2. They will get to know your business – which means they can provide realistic input.


If you’d like to know more about professional IT Consulting, feel free to reach out to our team. We have nearly three decades of experience providing high-quality IT services and solutions to Michigan businesses. We’d love to answer your questions.