Smart office gadgets create a connected workplace

4 smart office gadgets that boost efficiency

Smart office gadgets go above and beyond simple automations. These innovative devices have the ability to transform any office into a fully functional connected space and help the individual perform better, the company save more, and the team work together smarter.

With that in mind, here are 4 smart office gadgets that can do big things for your company.

Smart employee check-ins

Imagine if your employees could automatically clock in at work with a smartphone or wearable device like a smartwatch or RFID band.

A system like this can save time, reduce hassle, and minimize potential issues. It would automate the check-in process and provide you with valuable and accurate insights about your workforce.

Connected wearables like these would allow you to easily determine whether or not employees are on-site and how punctual they are (even down to the second). Since 80 percent of companies already monitor employee behavior, connected and automated smart office gadgets are an obvious next step.

Smart locks

Protecting your company’s assets should be a top priority. Smart locks can help with this.

These smart office gadgets can prevent unauthorized access to your entire office or just to specific areas. For example, certain individuals can use their smartphones to access the server room, the CEO’s office, or another sensitive area of the office. You can then track all of this information in real time and always know who’s accessing what and when.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs might not seem like much, but for a standard office environment, these smart gadgets are a big deal.

Unlike conventional plugs, you can control these smart devices from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Depending on what you leverage smart plugs for, the centralized platform it works from allows you to do things like limit computer usage, automate lighting preferences, or even adjust the temperature.

With these capabilities, you can easily save money on electricity bills — especially since light bulbs, heaters, air conditioners, desktop computers and security lights are among the 10 biggest energy-consumers in small businesses.

Bluetooth-enabled keyboards

The number of telecommuters has increased by 115 percent over the last decade. At this point, 3.9 million Americans work from home. This means that it’s more important than ever to provide your remote workers with the latest technology, including connected gadgets that make it easy to work from anywhere.

Consider foldable Bluetooth-enabled keyboards. These connected gadgets can fit snugly inside a bag — perfect for telecommuters who are on the go. And with the integration of Bluetooth technology, teleworkers can establish a solid connection with any desktop or laptop and work comfortably when they’re out of the office.


These four smart office gadgets make life easier for you and your staff and result in a more connected workplace. From automated employee check-ins to foldable Bluetooth-enabled keyboards, creating a state-of-the-art smart office can be an easy thing to accomplish.