Tech gadgets for every business person

5 tech gadgets every business person should own

With companies around the world racing to innovate, there’s no shortage of tech gadgets on the marketplace. But in an age when technology moves so quickly, it can be difficult to know which gizmos are essential purchases and which — while shiny and exciting — aren’t going to help your business. Here are five essential tech gadgets that every business person should own.

1. Smartphone

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You probably own a smartphone already, but this miraculous piece of technology is so indisputably useful that it simply has to have a place on this list.

Not only does a smartphone make communication simple, but there’s also a dizzying array of apps available to cover everything from voice memos to video conferencing. Whatever you need to do, your smartphone can probably help you do it.

2. Laptop

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While most laptops cannot compete with desktop computers in terms of processing power, they leave their desk-bound counterparts in the dust when it comes to convenience. With laptops getting increasingly powerful and compact, it’s now possible to carry around a slim, light piece of tech that does everything you could ask of a computer.

Indeed, many business people are now relying solely on laptops or tablets. With peripherals like wireless keyboards readily available, you may not even notice the difference when you swap out your desktop for a more portable solution.

3. Wireless Headphones

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Anyone who has ever wrestled with a tangled headphone wire will instantly recognize the value of wireless headphones. Not only do they leave your hands free to take notes, flip through documents, or drink coffee, but these tiny bits of hardware also allow you to take calls on the move without fussing with wires and speakerphone functions.

There was a time when wireless headphones were comically big and inconvenient. That’s simply no longer the case. Modern wireless headphones are so unobtrusive that you might even forget they’re there.

4. Backup Hard Drive

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Backing up your data is essential, and an external hard drive is one of the simplest ways to back up your personal data. While it may seem like a fairly unexciting bit of tech, a backup hard drive is something that you’ll be extremely grateful you invested in if you ever have to use it. On top of that, an external hard drive is useful for securely transferring sensitive files or taking large amounts of data with you when you travel.

5. Portable Battery Charger

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Have you ever found yourself searching frantically for a plug socket in an unfamiliar venue? If you routinely travel for business, then a portable battery charger is an absolute game changer.

When you start running low, simply connect your phone or tablet via an ordinary USB cable… and relax. Dealing with a dead battery will soon be a thing of the past.

Portable battery chargers are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Most will hold enough power to charge your devices several times over, while still fitting comfortably in a pocket.

These tech gadgets are essentials for any business professional. However, you probably know that productivity doesn’t begin and end with a few gadgets. Take a look at this article on IT solutions for additional business productivity tips.