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7 apps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

After the presents are opened, it’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions. You probably know that the odds are stacked against you achieving your goal. In fact, a statistic from U.S. News & World Report points to 80% of resolutions failing by the second week of February. Other statistics are equally grim, but who knows, you might end up part of the 9% club–the folks who achieve their resolutions.

It helps if you have the right motivation and a good support structure. Many people turn to apps for assistance. They may even introduce some fun into your resolution-keeping.

Here are 7 apps that can boost efficiency and increase the odds of staying on track with your resolutions this year.

1. Habitica

Available on Android and Apple devices, Habitica takes a role-playing-game approach to your life and habits. You earn rewards for realizing your goals and can battle monsters with friends. Task lists are customizable, so even if you have an unusual resolution, it’s fair game here.

2. Pokemon Go

If your resolution has anything to do with fitness, exercising more or even weight loss, then Pokemon Go may give you motivation. For example, the game encourages players to walk or bike to hatch eggs, and you may actually become twice as likely to meet a 10,000-step-count goal. Also! If your aim is to socialize more, Pokemon Go can point you in the right direction with group raid features and friends features.

3. Forest

This is a good app if your resolution is to stay off your phone or to become more mindful. Unlike apps such as Mute, Forest doesn’t try to shame you, and you get to gradually grow a digital forest. (Read about a few other apps here.)

4. DietBet

Could money and competitiveness get you to lose weight? If so, turn to DietBet. You can join several challenges for the chance to earn back several times the money you bet–as long as you meet weight loss goals. One caveat: If using this app would make you feel like crash dieting, try another app such as Habitica.

5. Hinge

The person of your dreams could be a Facebook friend’s friend. With Hinge, a dating app that uses your Facebook friends’ info to pair you up with someone, you get a degree of built-in, real-life social accountability that’s missing from apps such as Tinder. Even better: If someone intrigues you but you feel weird reaching out, you can just ask your Facebook friends for their opinion on the person.

6. Roadtrippers

One common resolution is to travel more, but it could be that much of your free time is already filled with obligatory trips–for example, to your in-laws’ house several states over for the holidays. Enter the Roadtrippers app. Input where you’re going and the app lets you know about cool nearby places you can see. The net result is that a routine trip you’ve made for years can turn into a wonderful experience that feels new. (Also, check out these gadgets.)

7. Acorns

This is a great app if your resolution is to save money. You don’t even have to think about it after getting set up! Acorns rounds up your purchases from a linked checking account and invests the money. Little by little, it should grow. You can also invest set amounts each month via bank account withdrawals. If you’d rather your money go into a savings account versus an investment account, try Chime.

So, there you have at least seven apps to inject some fun into your new year. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, get in better shape, travel more or something else, you have at least one tool at your disposal. And don’t forget to make sure your mobile device is secure.