Cyber Security Concerns – FBI Recap

Are you concerned about cyber security for your business? You should be!


We were pleased to welcome Acting Supervisor and Special Agent Ryan Ormond of the Detroit Branch of the FBI Cyber Crime team as a guest speaker at our lunch and learn seminar on April 20.  During his presentation, he shared some statistics that are frightening for owners and IT professionals alike.  Here is a link to the FBI’s Cyber Crime home page with information and resources:  FBI Cyber Crime Unit .  Here are some highlights from the presentations that were made that day.

Crime started with a singular bad guy robbing a singular person.  A technological innovation came along that criminals soon learned to exploit that changed the way they did business, the locomotive.  With the increasing popularity of trains, criminals could now rob roughly 100 people at one time.  Additionally, because trains traversed vast distances, the bad guys could pick spots that were harder for law enforcement to catch them.  Like with trains, the Internet and proliferation of cloud computing now allow criminals to rob huge numbers of people at one time.  You may have heard about the data breaches at Home Depot, Target, and Chase to name a few.  In those instances, criminals literally robbed hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people at one time.

Think the bad guys just target large businesses?  Think again.  Here are some statistics that should scare you.

  • 1 in 5 small businesses fall victim to cyber crime each year and that number is growing. (National Cyber Alliance)
  • Half of all cyber attacks are aimed at SMB’s. (Forbes)
  • 82,000 new malware threats are being released per day! (PC World)
  • On average it takes 6 months to identify a security breach. (FBI)
  • The average cost for a company data breach is $3.7M (FBI)

As you can see, cyber crime is a business.  It’s not just a single tech geek in a basement messing around for fun.  It is now groups of bad guys, organized crime, and even nation states according the FBI.  As you can see, it is a serious threat.  Data is the new currency.  If you have data, which we all do, then you are a target.

Businesses need to do all they can to ensure protect their data and client information.  The days of buy a basic firewall, set it, and forget it are over.  Businesses should ensure they have the level of protection they need.  Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Ensure your servers and workstations are patched.  This is still one of the largest security threats for SMB’s.
  • Have an acceptable use policy for employees for Internet usage at the office and for mobile devices that connect to a corporate network.
  • Have a next generation firewall where the settings are configured properly and updates are regularly administered.
  • Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus/anti-malware software running on all servers and workstations on the network.
  • Implement an anti-spam solution.  Spam is not just an inconvenience.  Spam is used to try to get employees to click on links that can cause bad things.

Too often I talk with business owners and executives that are unaware of the threats that exist.  Because of that, they are not adequately protected.  This puts their data and organization at risk.  As Acting Supervisor Ormond said, the average cost to a business for a data breach is $3.7 million!  I don’t know too many SMB’s that could afford that kind of hit.

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