Santa Clause bringing tech gifts for the holidays

The 6 best tech gifts for the 2018 holiday season

The holiday season is fast approaching. It will be here sooner than you think, so now is the time to think about tech gifts for the digitally-savvy folks in your life.

We’re sure there will be plenty of neckties, bottles of bad perfume, and fruitcake to go around. But you can be the hero of the holidays with some of these awesome tech gifts.

Who says holiday cheer and productivity don’t go hand in hand?

Jackery Bolt 6000

Our smartphones are as much important business tools as anything else. A dead battery can be a huge inconvenience when trying to conduct business on the go.

Thankfully, there are many options for portable chargers.

The Jackery Bolt 6000 is a particularly good one–able to completely recharge both iPhone and Android devices quickly up to two times. The battery falls within FAA guidelines so it’s perfect for travel.

Anker Soundcore 2

A smartphone doesn’t have to be all business. You can have some fun, too. Crank up the after-hours party with this small but powerful Bluetooth speaker complete with enhanced power ad booming bass.

If you’re not the partying type, this also makes a great speaker for listening to audiobooks and podcasts while you’re working or getting ready in your hotel room for your next big meeting. Its built-in microphone means it can also make a great speakerphone setup.

The battery holds a charge good for 24 hours of continuous play, is sturdy, portable, and outdoor-proof.

TP-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Sometimes you want to get out of your home office and take your laptop to the backyard for some quiet, productive work under the trees. The only problem is your Wi-Fi doesn’t broadcast far enough.

With the TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender, you can enjoy a strong, clear Wi-Fi signal wherever you’d like to set up shop. The AC2600 model can extend coverage up to 14,000 square feet and can target specific devices for stronger connections.

Additionally, its Tether app means you can control your Wi-Fi set up from any iOS or Android device.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

It’s important to keep fit. The new Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is 2018’s most popular model, designed to address all of your fitness tracking needs.

In addition to calculating steps, distances, calories burned, and so on, the Alta also provides reminders and encouragements for getting into motion and automatically tracks your workout routines without you ever having to touch a button.

The tap display gives instant access to stats, time, and smartphone notifications, and the wristband can last up to five full days before needing a recharge.

Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Bluetooth

With vinyl records making such a big comeback in recent years, it only makes sense to look at some quality turntables. While many enjoyed the retro look and sound of those small, suitcase turntables, it seems a disservice to the original artists not to up the game and give those old records a new spin on a new turntable.

The Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable with Bluetooth does a fine job presenting a finely-tuned system that can be fully included in your Bluetooth environment as well as a more traditional home sound system.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Do you have a Star Wars fan in your life? Probably. Do they like waffles? Who doesn’t? That makes the Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker, only from ThinkGeek, a tempting gift idea.

It makes 7-inch waffles with identical Death Star designs on both non-sticking sides–perfect for capturing rebel syrup. “Come to the Dark Side. We have waffles!”

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While the holiday season may just come once a year, gift-giving can be enjoyed anytime.

Happy Holidays!