hacked laptop

Top Tips To Prevent Cyber-criminals From Hacking Your Network

1: Plan For The Worst

Though it’s vital to invest in prevention, you shouldn’t focus all your efforts on preventing an attack, because one might occur despite your preparations. Be braced to respond to an incident with a detailed plan.

2: Educate Your Team

According to the Ponemon Institute, only half of companies surveyed felt that current employee training adequately reduced non-compliant security behaviors. Most cyber-breaches originate from a simple mistake, so training your team is an essential early step.

3: Make A Budget That Reflects Your Priorities

Best practices are easy to preach at the beginning, but in order to keep strengthening your barriers and staying abreast of cyber security trends, you need to build regular cyber security actions into your yearlong plans. This means that security should be a permanent, substantial item in any budget you develop.

SmallBizTrends.com, 11/20/2018