cloud computing

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

So you want to know the advantages of cloud computing, right?

Maybe you’re researching the cloud trying to figure out what it’s all about. Or perhaps you’re already in the process of debating whether or not to transition to the cloud.

Either way, you’re here, and we’re happy that you are.

So let’s get started.

Say goodbye to all that hardware.

When you migrate to the cloud, parts of your infrastructure are virtualized and hosted offsite by your cloud provider. Naturally, this means that you require less physical hardware at your brick-and-mortar business.

As a result, IT management is much simpler. You have less to worry about, and there’s less of a possibility that you’ll spend your workdays concerned about hardware malfunctions and software errors.

And there’s the matter of electricity …

Less physical hardware also means that you’ll use less electricity.

Consider for a moment how much energy is used to power your servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a lot, right?

Well if your servers are hosted offsite, your business no longer needs to support those power-hungry servers. And you know what this means … significantly smaller energy bills.

And hey, you’ll go green in the process.

Who doesn’t like it automatic?

The simplification of IT management with a cloud computing solution doesn’t begin and end with the hardware.

Since you’re basically renting hardware and software from your cloud provider, it’s technically not your responsibility to maintain any of it. It’s your provider’s responsibility.

When you hand off this step to a partner, all upgrades and updates are systematically handled. This means that you would always be working with the most up-to-date version of any cloud-hosted software you use, and you don’t have to waste any extra time or spend any additional money to make those updates company-wide.    

Dedicated is the only way to go.

Again, the management of your cloud infrastructure is your provider’s job. This experienced company will make sure that everything works as it should, when it should, no matter what.

You should also receive dedicated support from this company, and IT-related problems should be handled quickly. As a result, you should experience little downtime and feel as if you have a true partner, as opposed to “just another vendor.”

Grow however you want.

Scaling your business with the cloud is easy as pie. You no longer need to wait until you have the additional resources and physical infrastructure to support your company’s growth.

The cloud gives you the opportunity to grow on demand, on your own timeline. You simply tell your cloud provider what you need more or less of, and they deliver.

Go where you please.

As a 21st-century business, you need mobility, and the cloud is the perfect way to achieve that mobility.

With a hosted infrastructure, you and your team should be able to access data and business applications from anywhere, with any device. This means that you can work outside the office just as would inside the office — no productivity sacrifice necessary.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work efficiently and securely from any location and capture new opportunities in the process.

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