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IT Buyers Guide


The Southeast Michigan Business Owner's Guide to IT Support Services and Fees

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7 Big Reasons to Choose Cygnus Systems to Support Your Computer Network


Systems and Processes - Quality systems and processes are required to consistently produce world class customer support. Without it, you are solely reliant on the quality of the engineer you are speaking with for each issue. According to an independent benchmarking company, Service Leadership, Cygnus Systems is in the top 5% of IT support providers in the U.S. for operational maturity.


Long-standing member of the community - We have been helping businesses in SE Michigan for over 3 decades. We are an established company that has a track record of successfully helping businesses like yours leverage technology to move their business forward.


Keeping IT Real - We take a humanistic approach to business we call Keeping IT Real. That is a value that we use when hiring people and implementing processes. We understand that at the end of the day, technology needs to serve the person. This helps us provide support in a manner that works for you and your employees.


Commitment to protecting your data - Cygnus takes the protection of your data and network seriously. We have a standardized cyber security stack that is specifically designed for companies with 10-100 employees. All our employees are trained on that security stack which helps us to drive our meantime to resolution down.


No tech work outsourced offshore - Our tech team is all based in the United States. Some of our competitors leverage offshore to help to reduce costs.


We answer our phones live - We strive to Keep IT Real. One way we do that is by answering our phones with a live human being rather than an automated phone system. Yes, we have the technology. We choose to take your call personally.


Knowledgeable team - We are collectively the most intelligent Managed IT Service Provider in the area. I can't prove that, and I wanted to see if you read through all the points. Seriously, we do have an experienced team that will take care of you. Period!

See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us…

My Experience with Cygnus has far Exceeded my Expectations.

We used to experience a lot of downtime due to technical problems. Our company needed reliable IT support, and we found it with Cygnus. They never stop until they solve an issue, and they do it promptly. Cygnus Systems has knowledgeable staff with prompt response times. They work hard to find us a solution to any issues that arise.  The complete care managed IT support program has saved us time and money. The Cygnus team is always doing their best to be proactive instead of reactive whenever possible.

Jennifer Merian COO
WealthCare Management Services

Most Reliable IT Support EVER!

We use Cygnus as our outsourced IT solution provider. They help with day-to-day tickets/questions from our users at the office and at home. They also assist us with special projects. We have 21 users, all who work at the office, and have a remote workstation as well.  They don't nickel and dime you for charges outside the scope of their flat monthly fees. They are a partner and take time to develop a relationship with each client.  We benefit from the entire team of expertise at Cygnus while not having the burden of hiring a person internally to do all things IT.

Michelle McCullough Dir Operations
Autumn Insurance & Benefits

Cygnus Takes the Extra Step to Stay Ahead of the Pack.

Aside from taking care of our regular IT needs, which most companies can obviously do, Cygnus is proactive about many IT related issues, such as cybersecurity, user maintenance, etc..  I think anyone can do the basics, but they take the extra step to stay ahead of the pack.

In addition to being proactive and staying ahead of potential issues, Cygnus solves issues quickly, whether it’s remotely or if they need to send a tech to assist on-site.  The team is very knowledgeable and are great at presenting solutions in a timely manner.  It’s like having my own in-house IT team!

To me, the choice is clear.  I’ve interviewed many firms and I have counterparts that work with other firms, and I always hear complaints from them, whether it’s speed, customer service or their technical ability.  We’ve never had any issues with Cygnus and if I was to recommend any company it would be them.  The personal touch and access to leadership is very important and they are a phone call away, but I hardly ever talk to them because it doesn’t escalate to that.

Greg Khachatrian Senior Partner
Solyco Capital

About Cygnus Systems

Started in 1989, Cygnus Systems is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Southeast Michigan. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

IT Buyers Guide


The Southeast Michigan Business Owner's Guide to IT Support Services and Fees