My Experience with Cygnus has far Exceeded my Expectations.

We used to experience a lot of downtime due to technical problems. Our company needed reliable IT support, and we found it with Cygnus. They never stop until they solve an issue, and they do it promptly. Cygnus Systems has knowledgeable staff with prompt response times. They work hard to find us a solution to any issues that arise.  The complete care managed IT support program has saved us time and money. The Cygnus team is always doing their best to be proactive instead of reactive whenever possible.

Jennifer Merian COO
WealthCare Management Services

Most Reliable IT Support EVER!

We use Cygnus as our outsourced IT solution provider. They help with day-to-day tickets/questions from our users at the office and at home. They also assist us with special projects. We have 21 users, all who work at the office, and have a remote workstation as well.  They don't nickel and dime you for charges outside the scope of their flat monthly fees. They are a partner and take time to develop a relationship with each client.  We benefit from the entire team of expertise at Cygnus while not having the burden of hiring a person internally to do all things IT.

Michelle McCullough Dir Operations
Autumn Insurance & Benefits

Cygnus Takes the Extra Step to Stay Ahead of the Pack.

Aside from taking care of our regular IT needs, which most companies can obviously do, Cygnus is proactive about many IT related issues, such as cybersecurity, user maintenance, etc..  I think anyone can do the basics, but they take the extra step to stay ahead of the pack.

In addition to being proactive and staying ahead of potential issues, Cygnus solves issues quickly, whether it’s remotely or if they need to send a tech to assist on-site.  The team is very knowledgeable and are great at presenting solutions in a timely manner.  It’s like having my own in-house IT team!

To me, the choice is clear.  I’ve interviewed many firms and I have counterparts that work with other firms, and I always hear complaints from them, whether it’s speed, customer service or their technical ability.  We’ve never had any issues with Cygnus and if I was to recommend any company it would be them.  The personal touch and access to leadership is very important and they are a phone call away, but I hardly ever talk to them because it doesn’t escalate to that.

Greg Khachatrian Senior Partner
Solyco Capital

I have a sense of relief that solutions are one call away.

I take comfort in knowing that we have a reliable and competent group of IT professionals backing our brand with security and efficiency in the processing of our clients’ needs.

We used to handle IT in house.  I now have a sense of relief that solutions are one call away vs the stress of knowing that we had to drop everything to solve IT problems. Cygnus is very polite and personable.  They offer proactive solutions oriented with little downtime for network users. Everyone fits in as if they are part of the EIS team.

For those looking for an IT support partner, I assure them that Cygnus backs up their service claims with action and reliability.

Brad Eaton President
Eaton Insurance Services

We trust Cygnus.

We are a small business with a lean IT staff wearing many hats. Cygnus is our safety net for larger IT projects and expertise that we may not have in house.  We highly value the relationship we have created with Cygnus, and that goes beyond the business relationship. We are on a first name, how are the kids doing basis with several of our contacts at Cygnus. We are preparing to celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2024. Longevity and steadiness are something we value and, in our experience. Cygnus has been a solid and long-standing part of our IT success. We trust Cygnus. You can too.

Chuck Hubbert Director of Information Technology
Ross Mortgage

Cygnus provides honest and reliable products and services.

I have used Cygnus for many years.  They provide quick and reliable service.  I have found them to provide honest input and guidance.  The solutions they recommend have proven to be reliable.  I would tell anyone that you can trust Cygnus.

Jeff Frost President
Frost & Remer Insurance

The Cygnus team is very knowledgeable.

The Cygnus team is very knowledgeable, and their advice always leads to an enhanced work experience.  They do a better job of communicating than the competition.  I recommend Cygnus.  They will not lead you astray.

Scott Elia President
SNS Home Loans

Cygnus saves me time to focus on my business.

The biggest benefit of working with Cygnus is having a qualified & reliable team at our disposal 24/7 to cover any need at any time.  They differentiate themselves with the level of communication.  This includes regularly scheduled conversations to ensure all our needs are being met and that projects and initiatives stay on track.

Anyone considering outsourcing IT should ensure that they surround themself with experts in the field, so your time can be freed up to focus on your business. Cygnus is that kind of valued partner.

Donna Bacon CAO/HR Director
Allure Medical

Cygnus has taken the stress out of our IT issues.

Cygnus has taken the stress out of our IT issues and concerns, along with providing a high level of Cyber Attacks protection. I appreciate the professional way that tickets are handled and the communication I receive.

When we incurred a Cyber-attack, our insurance company brought in Cygnus. They worked 16 hours/day with a team of 5-7 people to resolve the issue. All our data was restored, and our equipment was back online without losing any data.  We never paid any ransom money.  I wish more companies had Cyber-attack insurance and worked with top notch IT providers like Cygnus, so ransom money is never paid out. If our Cyber insurance company selected Cygnus to represent them there is a reason.  “They are top notch professionals that know how to deal with attacks and perform at a reasonable cost”. I was so impressed, I hired Cygnus after the attack was resolved.

Jerry Liddell GM & Owner’s Representative
Set Duct Manufacturing

The Cygnus Team is ALWAYS there when I need them.

The Cygnus team is ALWAYS there when I need help.  They are unique in that they always fix the issue, no matter how big or small.  If you are not completely satisfied with your current vendor, jump off their service and jump into Cygnus!

Albert Haddad President
GH Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Cygnus has a knowledgeable and responsive staff that is easy to talk to.

I value being able to rely on a technical team to help our company and staff with technology issues as they arise.  I also want to ensure that we are completely covered with the proper security measures to keep our network environment safe and secure.  We have been relying on Cygnus for our IT needs for many years. Their knowledgeable staff are responsive and easy to talk to. If we have an issue, they have a depth of knowledge to rely on to fix it in a timely manner.

Diane Isaacs CFO
Berger Realty Group, Inc.

From sales to installation to billing, everyone at Cygnus has been great.

Cygnus helped our firm move our data to a cloud-based platform.  This has been especially helpful with the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The ability to access data remotely has been a big benefit for myself and my firm.  From sales to installation to billing, everyone at Cygnus has been great.

I can’t say enough about the products, security, and customer service at Cygnus. Shop around if you like, but I’m staying here.

Benton Richardson Attorney/Managing Partner
The Richardson Law Firm, PLLC

Cygnus’ customer support, attention to detail, and vast knowledge separate them from the pack.

The single best benefit from working with Cygnus is the fact that I’m not alone. From the perspective of a small IT department, it’s great to know that a whole team of highly skilled professionals is only a phone call away. Working with a company like Cygnus augments our IT department and creates peace of mind for me and my staff.

Cygnus takes every issue seriously. Their customer support, attention to detail, and vast knowledge base separates them from the pack. I feel like I can always get a hold of someone and get a fast response and follow up.  I would tell them to go with someone they can trust.

Many vendors will try to sell you the same products they sell to everybody else. Every business is different. Cygnus knows how to tailor special products and services to your company’s needs without overselling or over pricing. Their support is great, their price is fair, and their knowledge is priceless.

Frank Cusimano IT Manager
Whitlam Group

I sleep better knowing I have help in my back pocket.

It gives me peace of mind knowing that I always have a resource I can go to during a crisis or just when I can’t figure something out.   I’m confident Cygnus will get it resolved.  They provide quick responses to my request and have organized project management.  The Cygnus team are great people to work with.  They have a  knowledgeable and diverse technical skill set.  They take the time to understand your business and infrastructure needs, so they can give you the best possible solution.  I sleep better when I know I have help in my back pocket.

Robert Peck Manager of Information Systems
Test Equipment Distributors

We save time and money with Cygnus.

We really like the fact that we get one stop shopping from Cygnus!  By handling the integration of our phone systems, security, and office software solutions, I save time and money.

Compared to other firms I’ve worked with, Cygnus delivers 24x7 prompt support.  They also do better at addressing issues and concerns we have in a timely manner.

If you want an honest assessment of your needs and a partner who will work with you to meet those needs at your budget level, the team at Cygnus Systems is awesome!

John Wiedemann VP
R.O. Whitesell & Associates

Cygnus is easy to work with.

I appreciate having a single point of contact for most of our technology needs.  Cygnus is easy to contact, works through efficient processes, and has a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  If you talk with others that have used Cygnus, you should hear the differences and advantages over the competition.

Ross Kaplan Director of IT
Neumann Smith

Cygnus Gives You Superior Service at a Competitive Price.

Single stop computer/telephony company. With the fact that phones are running on computer networks it only made sense to work with one company and Cygnus did a great job

Cygnus is more accessible than other companies I’ve used. I know I can always, if needed, get someone with the power to make it happen.  I have found that the key is not always the price.  You should weigh the kind of service you are getting for the price. Cygnus gives you superior service at a competitive price.

Andrew Shoushanian VP Operations

Choose Cygnus if you want peace of mind.

Working with Cygnus, I don't have to worry about extended downtimes. It's a relief to know that someone can help me get my system back up and running if I have a problem. They are super responsive. If something is not right, it gets fixed in a timely manner. I feel there is a consistent group of people working on my systems, so they get to know the equipment and our set-up. I really appreciate that for big things, they can come on-site rather than trying to talk it through over the phone.

Choose Cygnus if you want peace of mind and not having to do it yourself. Their team is very personable and conscientious.  They will take good care of you.

Karen Raehtz Owner
Physician Compounding Pharmacy

Cygnus has provided us with a worry-free environment.

The onboarding process and training were simple and very helpful. The ability to revise everything at a moment's notice has been extremely beneficial to our business.  The customer service that Cygnus Systems provides is outstanding!

Cygnus Systems has provided our team with a worry-free environment when it comes to our phone service and allows us to focus on other aspects of our business. I would highly recommend them.

Jason Czarnik Owner <,br>Island Realty

Cygnus understands our needs.

We have worked with Cygnus for a long time.  I rely on Cygnus to help us keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the IT environment.  They are unique in their efforts to proactively understand our needs.  I would tell others looking for help with IT not to settle.  Getting less than great IT service is like not having IT service at all.  Talk with Cygnus.

John Carter Executive Director
Taylor Housing Commission

Cygnus is a reliable partner we can depend on.

Cygnus is a reliable partner we can count on when we need immediate help.

I have worked with Cygnus for over 7 years, and I choose to continue to work with them.  I have never looked back.  I recommend anyone looking for an IT partner to go with Cygnus.

Urs Geiger Managing Directory

The Cygnus Staff is Professional and Very Helpful

Cygnus has been a reliable provider of information technology services to Uniprop for many years.  Their service and support have helped us maintain reliable systems, and their staff has always been professional and very helpful.

Roger Zlotoff President

Cygnus helped to significantly enhance our operational efficiencies.

The single most substantial advantage for Uproar Communications since initiating our collaboration with Cygnus has been their capacity to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions tailored to our specific needs. Their deep understanding of the technology landscape and innovative approach has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency, paving the way for expansive growth. Cygnus has become more than just a tech provider; they have evolved into a trusted ally, fully invested in our success, and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve via our platforms.

Heather Wendt Owner
Uproar Communications

Cygnus has a team of highly qualified professionals.

We have worked with Cygnus for over 15 years.  They have a large team of highly qualified professionals that provide excellent technical support day and night.   I enjoy working with the team at Cygnus. They understand the big picture ideas I need to accomplish and provide solutions for me and my business.  I like the friendly service I receive from Cygnus.  I believe the cost vs. benefits to be fair.

Jeremy Lovell President
I & C Sales North, Inc.

Cygnus customer service is outstanding.

I am appreciative of the customer service that Cygnus provides.  It is great having access to multiple knowledgeable IT staff when necessary.  Cygnus customer service is outstanding.

Arnita Thorpe Operations Manager
Flinn Foundation

The personalized service we receive from Cygnus has been outstanding.

The personalized customer service we receive from Cygnus has been outstanding. We can put in requests and get immediate responses, timeframes, and answers. The Cygnus team works hard to get things moving and streamlined for our company and we always feel like we are a priority. We’ve worked with Cygnus for over 13 years. Cygnus does a great job. They are thorough and follow up. If you have the budget for complete care, that is the way to go!

Antoinette Mazzoni Kramar President
Orin Jewelers

Cygnus is a company you can rely on.

I would say the biggest benefit of working with the team at Cygnus is removal of worry or concern. They have always been a company we can trust to find solutions to any of our issues or to handle any problems that may arise. Cygnus has provided us with solutions for our network, telephones, email server and many other systems. They have also been quick to provide support for each of those.

Cygnus has been our partner for many years. Our partnership has worked so well, and Cygnus has been so trustworthy that we have never considered or seen a need to use another firm.

Cygnus is a company that you can trust. They will present you with the best options available to you. They will implement the solutions quickly and reliably. They will also be available 24/7 for support when needed. They are a company you can depend on.

Adam Alberts President
Reliable Delivery